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doTERRA Essential Oils review of a recently formed company. First, let me say that I am not involved with doTERRA in any way. This is strictly a third party review of doTERRA Essential Oils looking at doTERRA from the prospective of someone who may be looking for a home based business.

When looking at companies that are set up on a network marketing platform, one has to look at a variety of aspects of the business in order to get a true view of that businesses validity as a good home based business.


The first thing to look at is the products and their position in the market place. For example, how easy are they going to be to sell to someone who has never heard of the product of company? Essential oils, although an old method of holistic medicine, are relatively new to the modern world.

The first challenge for someone looking at doTERRA as a home based business is showing prospective buyers the advantage and effectiveness of this type of wellness product.


Another aspect of the business one must look at is the leadership involved. In the case of doTERRA Essential Oils, the leadership team is exceptional. Starting with the president, David Sterling, who has extensive experience and education in business management, with BS and Master Degrees in business, and including Dr. David Hill, Chief Medical Advisor, Emily Wright, Vice President Leadership Development, and several marketing specialists.

So, we have a strong management team and a product that has been around for centuries but has some challenges in marketing. The next question, then, is can you make money selling doTERRA Essential Oils?


Let’s take a look at the compensation plan of doTERRA. There are three ways to get paid. You get 25on the retail sales of the products; The Fast Start Bonus paid on new enrollees’ production for the first 30 days they are enrolled. That bonus ranges from 5to 20 based on the enrollee’s level.

The third way is the Power of Three Team Bonus that is paid on your team production which can go down to seven levels. This is not an extensive review of the compensation plan, you’ll have to take a look at doTERRA’s web page for that.

This compensation plan isn’t particularly innovative nor is it one that you can make a ton of money on, in my opinion. What is lacking, as in most network marketing plans, is a true marketing program that will answer the three main challenges that face anyone that is in an MLM opportunity like doTERRA Essential Oils.

Those three challenges are LACK of LEADS, LACK of CASH FLOW, and LACK of MARKETING KNOWLEDGE.

Without answers to these challenges, anyone trying to make any money in Network Marketing will struggle and probably fail! 97of those who get involved with MLM fail within the first 90 days and usually only sponsor a little over two people on average.

If you don’t want to fail at doTERRA, or any other network marketing home based business opportunity, then you will have to find answers to those three challenges.

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Dee L. Martin
Internet Marketing Coach

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Dee L. Martin has been working in network marketing for over two decades and through that experience has discovered the secrets of building a large organization. Through years of struggle and trial and error, he discovered the way to answer the three challenges facing every person that gets involved with network marketing. These three challenges are also the major reasons 97of those who try network marketing fail or quit - 1) Lack of leads, 2) Lack of cash flow, 3) Lack of marketing knowledge. Learn the secrets of the heavy hitters in network marketing for the 21st century. Learn how to have unlimited leads, cash coming in while you build your primary business, and learn how to market on the Internet to those who are looking for what you have. Follow the link at and get the free training available there. Let Dee teach you how the blow the top off of your opportunity and become a top leader in your company.

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