How To Get Wealthy Using The Laws Of Attraction

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Want to know how to become wealthy, try using the laws of attraction. Many people believe in this way of life. I can find story after story of people who say they have used the law of attraction to become wealthy among other things. The law of attraction states that you will bring the things in your life that you focus on and think about the most. By doing this you get these thoughts in your subconscious mind. This causes you to take action to turn the thoughts in your mind into a reality of life. If you consistently think and believe you are going to be wealthy you will. You can create lists of positive phrases that you can read every day to get these thoughts in your head

Having a positive mental attitude is a great attribute. It can help you get through tough times. One of the hardest things to do is keep that PMA when you don\'t feel anything positive going on around you. Here are some thoughts on how to have a positive mental attitude.

I have spent a lot of time reading about how to become wealthy, the laws of attraction, meditation, and intention manifestation. The common denominator in all my readings is belief. You must believe you will acquire the things you want. The difference is how you go about creating the belief. This is the hard part. I feel you must have some tangible successes every so often because you will not believe for long if things don\'t start going in your favor. Even if they do, once they stop the doubts set in. You start to question your beliefs. Are they out of touch, are they unrealistic?

How do we keep doubt low while keeping belief high? When I feel like I am starting to doubt myself I start to look for anything positive. I might surf the Internet for some positive stories. This is a good way to get rid of doubts. You can always find something online to feel good about. Reading about positive things starts to put those types of thoughts back into your head and sub-conscious. Writing is another way to get into a positive frame of mind. When I feel like things are starting to get away, I pull out a note pad and begin to write something I want to change about my life. I don\'t write it once or twice I fill up about 2 or 3 pages with positive thoughts. Even if its just a one sentence over and over.

The biggest key to keeping a positive mental is action. We must do something to feel productive. Feeling productive is healthy for the mind. A healthy mind gets you focused on what you want. The law of attraction says what you focus on will be part of your life. I started this blog as a way to take positive action. It helps me get my thoughts out. It gets my mind working. I keep the belief that one day my posting will have a positive effect on somebody. Having a positive attitude without taking action in my opinion is no good. As positive as you think, it will lead to nothing tangible with no action. Do we become a positive thinker from taking action or do the positive thoughts lead us to take action. It\'s probably different for each person. For me taking action leads to thinking positive.

From what I have been hearing and reading, the people in life that are the most fulfilled and happy are those that do what they love and have found a way to generate income from that. Now that is easier said than done, but if others have done it it\'s not impossible.

I found a great article by Steve Pavlina It is titled 10 reasons you should never get a job. Click here to read a summary of his reasons. Reading it, it makes perfect sense. The problem is finding your niche.

The article basically states don\'t trade your time for money with an employer. instead you should find ways to generate a income on your own. Like I said this is easier said than done. The author of the article believes that if you have reasonable intelligence you can do it. I tend to agree but it will be a challenge. However, with the internet there are many ways to research and learn to earn your own living. From online business to researching information on a offline business. Just find and develop a niche and you can make it.

It takes a brave soul to leave what you have come accustomed to doing, going to work, but you have to have a plan and some goals. Once you can get these things together you will be on your way. There is nothing worse than setting out to make a change in your life without a plan. Doing this will just leave you chasing dreams and wasting time and money. You will begin to fall for every scheme and wonder why it is not as advertised. This will lead to feeling discouraged and may cause you to give up on that new life you envisioned for yourself.

Don\'t start a business just because you are unhappy with your situation and want a change. You must do what you love to do or you will still be unhappy. Do what you love even if you are not getting paid for it right away. Just doing it will bring you some level of happiness. Start out being a volunteer for a local organization or something along those lines. This can be a way to lead yourself to something more involved and possibly a way to generate some income from it. I started coaching youth football in my town. I love football and wanted a way to be around the game other than watching on TV. This is a very rewarding thing for me. I plan on coaching as long as possible. Now right now I do not get paid for it but that\'s fine because I love to do it. Who knows where it could take me in the future, maybe a paid coaching position. This is just one way that one can find some fulfillment in their life. It is a fulfilling part of my life even if it\'s a small part for now.

If I knew this is how it would have turned out, I would have stayed in school. That is how I now feel. At this point in my life I now believe that is where I went wrong, that decision put me in survival mode today. That along with the fact that I spent to much of my working life working and not looking for other income streams. I am now middle aged and have some deep concerns about where my life is headed. I do not have a career just a job, therefore I find myself constantly wanting to find another one. I get bored of the work I\'m doing. At times I start to feel very unfulfilled. Most times I just want more out of life and I know just working at a job is not going to do it. I feel writing about it will help me and I hope it will help others.

My goal for this blog is to have a network of people who have similar feelings to get some ideas flowing so we can get a more productive feeling from life. Get a collective law of attraction. I feel this blog will be a way to keep my mind active and open. I no longer want to feel complacent in my life. I need to create and feel a sense of urgency, this will lead me to action. I am on a mission to find out how others are doing, how they have created a better life for themselves. I plan on modeling these people. I would love to hear back from readers who want to share there experience. I want to read about those who have made a lasting change or those who are in that process. Share some of the ways and plans of action being used. Let us know what has worked and what has not. And lets al learn how to become wealthy

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