How to Train Your Mind for Success

How to Train Your Mind for Success

How to Train Your Mind for Success
By M Bhiji

In Network marketing I have been asked by number of folks on how to succeed in Network Marketing, what would it take for me to succeed in my new venture or in my home-based business. I usually tell them the answer lies within yourself, are you really training yourself up for the success or you are looking for the magic wand so that you will find the success at once when you get that.

In any profession in any business, success is not something you achieve by chance or in a day or two. It is an event which needs to be planned and also one has to be trained to attain the success. So question is how do you train yourself for success. There is only one way out to train yourself for success, it is by developing your thought process for success, training your mind for success.

Few years back there was a research done on what is the most powerful thing on this earth, and the analysis came out that it is the human mind which is the powerful thing on this earth. Research suggests that there would have been no evolution of science if inventors would have not utilized their mindset and zoomed in their thinking for only about the desired results with a can do attitude. Think about Thomas Edison who invented electricity he tried thousands of time to succeed before he was successful, Henry Ford invented cars which we drive today, and Wright brothers for their efforts to make aircraft which allows us to travel through air and many more, all this was only possible because great minds indeed devoted time to develop their mind and zoomed into their thinking despite of numerous setback.

There are many more things you would need in order to succeed in your profession or in network marketing business but if you have can't do attitude then all your skills and talent may be of not much use because for success only attitude matters rest all is secondary.

Your attitude will reflect your personality and it is directly in proportion with your thought process. You needs to developed daily by feeding positive information in your mind. When you really take time to think you need to focus on thinking and generating the positive ideas with a can do attitude mindset. When you think of something and if it is a negative idea running through your mind you do have a choice to continue to think on the negative thought which have occurred or ignore that thought and focus on generating only a positive thought.

As Thomas Jefferson said

Nothing can stop the man with the right mental attitude from achieving his goal; nothing on earth can help the man with the wrong mental attitude.

Step 1

Read tons of books on a positive mental attitude, read about can do mindset and see are you able to replicate that for yourself.

Step 2

Develop a speaking pattern, watch your words very closely. are you speaking positively or not. Try to think about positive words and use it frequently which indeed will tune your mind for success.

Step 3

Develop a self talk, it is very important for you to overcome fear and self doubt by feeding yourself with positive information through self talk Your could write few lines or pages in which you can focus on your strength and speak about that strength loudly, note: you may find yourself in a very discomfort position but this is one of the most powerful act for developing a positive mindset.

Step 4

Last but not least try to disconnect yourself once a week from all activities for about an hour and just zoom in on your thinking.

What can a positive mind achieve?

Courage, Confidence, boldness, self esteem, overcome self doubt and any fears.

Lets consider a team sport game, two team equivalent in skills are playing against each other, one team will win and another one will lose despite of their skill levels, and it is proven scientifically team which has better determination, will power will win the game in the end.

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