Top Benefits of Essential Oils

Author: Amanda Stone

Essential oils have powerful effects through our sense of smell. Simply inhaling their aroma elicits an immediate olfactory response and provides for ready absorption in the bloodstream. The aromas of essential oil activate the limbic system, which support the emotions and the pleasure center of the brain. Direct inhalation of certain oils can help also alleviate respiratory decongestion, as well as having positive psychological effects.

Essential oils are liquids containing aromatic compounds that are the most potent and concentrated extracts from plant materials. These oils are approximately 75-100 times more concentrated than in the dried plant and carry the distinctive scent, or essence, of the original plant source. Over 100 essential oils are commonly used today.

So, how can you get the aroma out of the small bottle and into the air of your favorite room? What is the best method to get ultimate therapeutic benefits from these fragrant oils? There are several different ways to use essential oils to refresh any room. The method chosen will determine the amount of aroma and therapeutic benefit received.

A great way to spread essential oil aroma is via a diffuser. A diffuser is any device that allows a liquid to evaporate and release its scent into the surrounding area. The most common type of diffuser uses heat to release the scent, either by burning a candle or by using an electric vaporizer. When heat is used to evaporate the essential oil, it gently produces a scent and fills the room nicely. The increase in temperature causes the essential oil to evaporate into the air and release its fabulous scent.

The simplest way to spread the wonderful aroma is via use of a room mister, or humidification. Many companies produce natural fragrance mists scented with a variety of different essential oils. These products can be sprayed directly onto skin, clothes, and throughout any room to spread your favorite scent.

Use of ventilation is another easy way to disperse the fragrance in a room. First, essential oils are dropped onto an absorbent pad. Then, a small fan creates airflow that passes over the essential oil laden pad. This causes evaporation and spreads the aroma of the essential oil. Ventilation offers a simple and economical way to provide evaporation. Ventilation is a good way to scent a room as long as it is not too large.

A nebulizer is a type of diffuser that changes essential oil liquids into the aerosolized state, which is easier to inhale. These are similar to nebulizers used in medicine for treatment of asthma and other respiratory diseases. In the nebulization process, highly pressured air breaks down liquids into tiny particles. This produces a particle size small enough for the lungs and body to absorb. Nebulization is the best way to provide both the aroma and therapeutic healing value of essential oils, because it will not alter the chemical composition of the oils. Nebulizers may be more expensive, but they are the most effective in preserving the natural healing qualities of essential oils.

It is relatively easy to care for essential oils. When properly cared for, they have a shelf life of seven years. Exposure to air and direct sunlight can be the most damaging. Therefore, it is best to make sure the caps are secured tightly and bottles kept away from direct sun. Also, store the bottles in a cool, dry place, as essential oils are sensitive to temperature changes.

Essential oils and aromatherapy can be used to uplift the mind, body and spirit via our sense of smell. The scents are very pleasing to the olfactory system, and can calm or stimulate the mind. These plant derived oils also have anti-viral and antiseptic properties, which can help boost the body\'s immune system. To get the true benefits of aromatherapy, always use true essential oils. Synthetics and artificial perfumes may have a pleasing smell, but have none of the healing properties of pure essential oils.

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