The Best Way To Become An MLM Success - The Amazing Power of Three!

The Best Way To Become An MLM Success - The Amazing Power of Three!

The Best Way To Become An MLM Success - The Amazing Power of Three!
By Tim Grosvenor

How does making a cool thousand dollars every calendar month above and beyond your pay-check sound?

This disposable income could pay some bills, buy a new TV, or even donate to charity. IF you are a traveler, you may want to save up for a global excursion. This can happen for you too by joining the right type of compensation plan that does most of the work for you.

Many people only dream about this type of opportunity, then don't follow through on the promises they make. If you are among the crowd that already knows how to make at least $200 per month, then you have surpassed 95% of those who fail in Internet Marketing. There are a number of ways to become successful in this type of endeavor. They can be easily accomplished using a step by step formula.

The first step is to identify the right opportunity. With the number of MLM programs out there, it shouldn't be too hard to find a reputable one. Once you are signed up and familiar with the program, get at least 3 more people to join your team. Then help each of them sign up at least 3 members for their team as well. Your business is starting to grow, you now have 12 people directly under you (i.e. your team members).

It is surprisingly easy to do this step, because the first 3 were probably the hardest to recruit. Once you have established what works and what doesn't, attracting more prospective team members will be a whole lot easier the second time around. The process continues to grow as each new member only has to help recruit 3 more people under them, resulting in your team swelling by a multiplicative factor of 3 with each new round. This is the true power of MLM.

As more people sign up in your down-line, the income stream will really start to take off, since there are more team members under your name. By continuing to provide the same kind of commitment to the newest recruits as was seen by the first ones, the team will continue to grow as people will work hard on building their own down-line.

As time passes, the members on the lower levels will start to have their own teams in place; with 3 people in each of their down-lines as well. Your level of income should exceed $1,000 each month by this time, if all team members are working hard. There is the possibility of reaching upwards of $10,000 by doing some extra work in the MLM team building process. There are quite a few ways to increase the amount of revenue gained by this method of marketing. It really depends on your goals and whether this is a part-time or full-time commitment.

The fastest way is to grow the initial down-line quicker, or simply recruit 5 team members instead of only 3. If each of them consequently did the same thing, the number would increase much faster this way. By helping these people also recruit more members to be part of their own down-line your monthly income can substantially increase, and you can start making plans for expansion.

After several months of this building process, your income should be in the neighborhood of $10,000 as your personal down-line goes 5 levels deep. This can be easily estimated by average out the income earned at each level. Some users might not want to be as aggressive with their MLM approach. But either way, there is money to be made with this type of program.

This simple process demonstrates the... Amazing Power of Three

Tim Grosvenor is the co-founder of Team for Life in Australia, a support group for independent FreeLife International Marketing Executives. Visit the team website for more information...

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"The richest people in the world build networks, everybody else looks for work" ~Robert Kiyosaki

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