Success with Network Marketing

Author: Aaron Byerlee

Network Marketing success is everywhere right now due to the fact that it has
become main stream as a business model now. People are not only more open to looking at Network Marketing opportunities but they are actually actively
searching for them. Combine this with the maturing of the Internet and other
technologies and you have the perfect storm for a new breed of residual income millionaires.

The secret to Network Marketing success is to get your business opportunity and
your products visible to as many people as possible and then train your team
on how to do the exact same thing. That is it.

Sounds simple right? Well it is very basic but it is not easy. Lets not get
those two things confused.

How do you get your business or products out to the world? The same way any
business does, with marketing. Now, you may not have the cash-flow for TV or Radio advertising so we need to be creative and diligent with our marketing efforts.
We have 1.5 million people each and every month googling 'Home Business' and
another 1 million people googling 'MLM' and another 450,000 people googling
'Network Marketing' and I could continue on here with other examples that
equal millions of people all over the globe searching for exactly what you

These sorts of figures should be setting a light bulb off in your head and
getting you excited that so many people are searching for your business. It
should also become obvious that in this day and age you just have to have a strong
brand online if you want Network Marketing success. This is the secret
ingredient to your marketing and how you get your business and products exposed
to not only millions of people but also the RIGHT people that you want to talk

That is the quick description of how you achieve Network Marketing success.
That is the 'way' but you really need to know the 'how' and that is something
we can help you with as we go along.

Further secrets to Network Marketing Success include:

1-Choose the right company that is 'New Age' and can be marketed online with
online presentations, capture pages and a full marketing system.

2-The right compensation plan. This needs to be very generous to enable you and
then your team to make money up front, good quick medium term income and also
long-term life changing residual income.

3-Be consistent and duplicatable in what you do. There is no point using the
most complex online systems to attract and train your prospects if there is
no way the 'average' person can duplicate it.

4-Work hard for 2 years and then relax 15-20 hours per week will get you
some great 9-5 replacing results within 12 months. 40 hours plus per week
will get you life changing income within 12 months. Then spend another 12 months
training your team, duplicating and making sure you capitalize on your first
years work. There is no point just working on your business every second weekend,
it just won\'t work for you.

5-Learn Internet Marketing period.

6-Continue with offline marketing. Newspaper ads, signs, direct mail and
expos etc will be a great addition to your online marketing and will ensure
faster Network Marketing success.

7-Spend half of your time recruiting new people into your business and half of your
time training and helping your current team members to their Network Marketing

8-Devourer as much self development and mindset CD\'s, DVD\'s, Webinars,
seminars and books as you possibly can. Without this you will be guaranteed to
never have Network Marketing success.

9-Learn how to use Webinars to present your business and products all around the
world from the comfort of your own home. This is very powerful.

10-Never ever give up. I have not seen anyone fail in network Marketing yet that
sticks at it. I have not seen anyone have Network Marketing success when they
give up.

Follow these steps consistently and you will Network Marketing success.

Aaron Byerlee
The Deck Chair Millionaires.

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"The richest people in the world build networks, everybody else looks for work" ~Robert Kiyosaki

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