Robert Kiyosaki Network Marketing Books: How To Leverage These In Your Business

Robert Kiyosaki Network Marketing Books: How To Leverage These In Your Business

Robert Kiyosaki Network Marketing Books: How To Leverage These In Your Business
By Cynthia LeBreton

A Lesson I've Learned from the Robert Kiyosaki Network Marketing Books

I'm sure you've heard lots of news about the Robert Kiyosaki network marketing books and about how Warren Buffet, Donald Trump and Robert Allen have endorsed the business model. These guys have really been promoting this industry. And these valuable Robert Kiyosaki network marketing recommendations have had a positive impact. They've helped to improve the image of this industry.

My purpose in writing this article is to let you know how you can leverage this positive media attention in your own business. But more importantly, I want you to know how you can learn from these masters and continue to build a positive reputation for this industry.

Why MLM Has a Bad Rap

Let's face it. MLM has gotten a bad rap. People still think it's some kind of scam or pyramid scheme. A lot of times they won't even listen to you finish your sentence if you so much as mention MLM. Have you noticed this?

But why does this industry have this reputation?

First, there are some false perceptions about the business out there. Unfortunately some MLM reps have used less than professional tactics to recruit people into their business. They hint that it's "super easy" or it's a "get rich quick" opportunity. And this just isn't the case. This is a legitimate business. It takes hard work. Most of the people who are doing really well in network marketing spent 10-12 hours every single day in the early months and years of their business.

Second, people don't really understand what they're getting into when they join a company. They don't realize that they need to develop marketing and selling skills. No, they don't need to already have those skills when they join. Yes, they do need to study marketing principles and learn how to apply them. They need to know how to develop a marketing plan and stick with it to get results.

Unfortunately this has led to a 97% plus drop-out rate.

How Robert Kiyosaki Network Marketing Books Have Helped

Kiyosaki, Trump, Buffet, and several others have helped to build MLM's reputation back up. How? By telling the truth! What anovel idea. And they've provided books and videos that you can give to people you're talking to about your business. This will help break down some of the barriers people have about MLM.

How You Can Help Improve the Industry's Reputation

The truth is a powerful thing. Use it. Here's how:

Instead of telling people this is super easy, let them know it's challenging but you're there to help them. Offer ways that they can streamline and automate the more difficult, time consuming aspects of the business. For instance, they can use online videos to do their sales presentations and they can use social media to meet like-minded people.

Instead of telling people this is a get rich quick scheme, tell them it's a legitimate business. Like any business it will take loads of work at the beginning. But if they apply themselves and stick with it, they can reap incredible rewards. Compare this truth with their current situation. If they work hard at their current job, will they reap those same rewards?

Let people know that this business is all about marketing and promoting a product. Then show them how to create a sales and marketing plan. Show them how to max out their company's compensation plan. If you don't already know how to market or create an action plan for success, learn how! Then share your knowledge with people.

I'm so thankful for the impact that the Robert Kiyosaki network marketing books have had on the industry, along with Warren Buffet, Robert Allen, and Donald Trump's endorsements. More importantly, I've taken a cue from these leaders. Hopefully you'll do the same and help build a positive reputation for this incredible industry.

Cynthia LeBreton has helped countless network marketers to learn and apply MLM advice, training and tools like those found in the Rober Kiyosaki network marketing books. She specializes in network marketing lead generation, showing people how to get 50 or more business leads every day. To view a complete, step by step program for generating leads which she recommends, visit

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"The richest people in the world build networks, everybody else looks for work" ~Robert Kiyosaki

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