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Author: Larry D Johnson

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Have you thought about how much money you will need to live comfortably on when you Retire?

No longer do people retire and sit at home inactive. Today\'s retirees are more active than ever.

Unfortunately, those activities take money and unless you\'re planning to sit at home and wait for death you should be making plans to take care of all those things you wish you had done earlier in life once you retire.

Here are a few statistic for Americans retiring at age 65. This is sad, but 95of Americans will be dead or dead broke at 65, 4will still be living paycheck to paycheck, and only 1is considered wealthy. I would like to see that 1increase dramtically? I\'m in.

Most of us know there is no point relying on getting social security benefits when you retire so you might as well plan your own financial security.

There are simply too many people living much longer than anticipated. At the same time, regardless of how much you have managed to pay into social security over time it is doubtful that anyone could live on the amount of money they would receive in social security benefits even if they had no other significant bills to pay such as house notes, car notes, or insurance on a home or automobile.

Sure your pension plan,(if you have one) will help. Your 401k (if you have one) may help. Your 401k (if you have one) may help. However there is no guarantee that any of those programs will be sufficient to maintain the current life style that you are accustom to now.

Retirement accounts have lost up to 20of their value in the last 15 months (mine included) at the end of 2009 my 401k was the lowest it had been since 2003. Chances are I will never get that investment back.

So what is the alternative to traditional retirement income? Well I\'m glad you asked.

Starting a Home Based Business now before you retire can not only give you extra income to do the things you want to do when you retire, but can also give you a purpose, as well as maintain an active life style. Now isn\'t that what we all want when we hit our golden years?

There are a variety of home based business opportunities that you can choose from, online and off. You can develop a business from a hobby that you enjoy, or you can try something new that you have never done before. Just do a little research on the Internet, and you will have no shortage of opportunities.

Just some quick tips. You want a business that is easy to set up, and simple to run, with low start start up costs. One you can start part-time, and one that provides a popular product or service that you can\'t get at your neighborhood Walmart.

Many people start out their home based business by becoming an affiliate or distributor for an established company. With this benefit your product and services are provided to you, by the company as part of your business. Even your website, promotional tools, samples, and training are all provided for you.

Your job is simply to follow the the company\'s business plan and you are in business. You can get more details by visiting the resource box below.

One of the most important areas to look at when becoming a distributor, or an affiliate of a company is it\'s compensation plan, and how you get paid.

You want to look for a compensation plan that will reward you well for the work you do. Earning $5-10 bucks a sale means you are going to have to make a lot of sales to earn a decent income. I suggest earning no less than a @.00 profit per sale.

Another tip is to try to look for companies that provide an ongoing product usage or service. One that must be ordered every month.

This monthly subscription does 2 things. First it provides the company with cash flow thus keeping the company growing, and secondly it provides you with a commission every month when your product or service is reordered by your customer. This is called residual income.

What is residual income. This is income that comes to you every month like clock work, as long as the customer maintains their subscription. In short you can make one sale, but get paid every month, month after month, all from that one sale. Make 10 sales, get paid every month on those 10 sales, month after month. Wow I love residual income, and I bet you will too.

You know as I see so many retired Americans struggling to make ends meet, being forced to take jobs outside of their home just to be able to live a comfortable life, and as I see many of you heading into those golden years, I just want to tell you that there is an alternative.

You don\'t have to rely on the government for your lively hood when you retire. Your home based business can help you obtain the financial freedom to continue living the life style you are accustom to.

Take steps today, right now in securing your retirement, and making sure you have a stable income throughout your retirement years by starting your own home based business. Why not get started today.

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