Retire Rich - How to Achieve It - Step One

Retire Rich - How to Achieve It - Step One

Retire Rich - How to Achieve It - Step One
By Phil Hadfield

A phrase more and more people are trying to realise by various means. Some will be successful. Other people's dreams of retiring wealthy will be frustrated due to today's economy, and perhaps because of a certain unwillingness to seize the opportunities offered.

"We'll be able to manage on less" is an oft heard phrase of those who expect to have to survive on a much reduced household budget. However for someone who has a desire and an eagerness to learn new skills, this is a perfect time to grasp the opportunity to discover ways and means to hold onto their dream to retire rich at fifty five or sixty. You still have time!

If you truly want to retire rich you will have to review the system you presently have in place for your retirement. If you can't, which is usual, you will have to make a plan. Remember if you don't make a plan you will have nothing to change. And you will change nothing! The main strategy today is to continue in retirement with the skills that you already possess. This is fine if your intention is perhaps to work part time with your present skills or if you do not desire to learn something different.

Today's challenge lies in acquiring new skills, but where do you get them from? The internet is an ideal way to acquire and perfect this ability. If I said to you today that there was a way to start, with no particular skills, other than the ability to to be able to click a mouse and send emails, and that within ninety days anyone could be topping up their normal day to day salary. It will not as many claim happen overnight, but will require commitment, time and patience, especially during the first few months. But, that strategy actually exists.

Right, to retire rich we have to acquire a new skill or skills. Here's one: internet marketing or IM. Millionaires are being made on the internet every day and now it's our time to join them. Even if we try but don't achieve millionaire status, we could finish up with a nice little earner doing something we like from the spare room or anywhere that you use your computer. When successful it will allow you to retire whenever you so desire. This income should be easily maintained for a few hours of work per day.

What does it require? How do I retire rich? The basic skills you will need to be an effective internet marketer can be learnt in 90 days. I did it. It's not difficult. And people nearing retirement dream of doing what I do everyday. I'm 60, work from home and enjoy time with my wife. It's a very good life most people would envy.

So, find a tutor and membership site on the web and start learning the IM skills to retire early. Believe me, you will save yourself time and money by going about this process in a logical fashion. Acquire the basic skills first, before plunging into a buying spree of totally unnecessary e-books and software programmes that you will probably never use or know what to do with. All ending up gathering virtual dust on your hard drive.

Remember the biggest stumbling block to achieving success is probably yourself. That nagging little voice of self doubt in the back of your head which constantly repeats "I can't do this!" You Can! We all suffer from this syndrome and it is nothing more than the human fear of the unknown. But by obtaining knowledge the fear is conquered.

Follow the link below you will receive all the information you require to overcome any fears you may have about learning how to retire rich.

Hi, my name is Phil Hadfield. I'm sixty years of age and retired. I have been made redundant twice during my working life. I have thought about Internet marketing for a long time and it was only due to finding a superb membership site that has enabled me to go forward with my ambition. If you would like to learn about every aspect of this fascinating world visit my website and get your first free gift:
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"The richest people in the world build networks, everybody else looks for work" ~Robert Kiyosaki

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