Pure Essential Oils

Pure Essential Oils

Pure Essential Oils
By Adam Crocker

Pure essential oils are hard to come by these days due to the time consuming and intricate process involved. The high demand is more than the supply. First you need to ask what constitutes them? There are many factors that play a role in its purity. It has hundreds of different chemical constituents that can give the oil its overall power and purity for medicinal uses.

The essential oil constituents are categorized into the following 13 different categories: Alkanes, Phenols, Terpenes, Alcohols, Ethers, Aldehydes, Ketones, Carboxylic acids, Esters, Oxides, Lactones, Coumarins, and Furanoids. The constituents are all affected by many variables such as geographical region, climate, altitude, soil condition, fertilizer, harvesting methods, the part of the plant the oil came from, and the distillation process. In order to get pure on all of the variables that affect the constituents need to be optimal for the plant, especially the distillation process.

When it is being produced, it needs to have the aromatic compounds preserved as much as possible. The aromatic chemicals are very fragile and can be killed by high temperature, pressure, and chemically reactive metals. It should be distilled in stainless steel cooking chambers at low temperatures and low pressure.

You want a pure therapeutic-grade essential oil that has been cared for in the growing process, distillation process and also in the testing phase. It will cost more for the pure ones, but if you buy cheap oils chances are it is synthetic and can be harmful. You want to know that the plants are free of herbicides, pesticides, and all other agrichemicals. These harmful chemicals can mix with the oils during distillation and produce toxic compounds.

The main constituents and fragrance have been successfully created in the laboratory by chemists. These are called synthetic oils and lack the true purity of therapeutic-grade essential oils. The chemist is unable to manufacture all of its molecules and isomers leaving the synthetic oils in an unnatural state. This can lead to the synthetic oils being harmful and having no real benefits to you. This is a big concern because the demand for oil is more than the supply so a lot of the oil on the market is synthetic.

True pure oils take a lot of preparation, time and testing to be labeled as therapeutic. It starts with the seed and ends with the distillation process. It is very important to be aware of who you're buying your essential oils from and how they process them. The therapeutic-grade essential oils can greatly benefit your mind, body, and spirit. So just remember, in order to receive the health benefits from essential oils they must be pure.

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