Peppermint Essential Oil - How Can You Benefit?

Author: Holly Moreland

Right before a peppermint plant begins to flower, this is the time when peppermint essential oil is extracted. The process used to extract this oil is steam distillation, and the peppermint plant could either be fresh or dried when this is done. Chances are that steam distillation is the most ideal process to use for extraction. The Mediterranean is believed to be the place peppermint oil plants originated, but now it can be found all over the plant. Although, some say the Orient has been growing this plant since 1000 B.C.

Basic Uses

People often use this oil as an agent for aromatherapy to increase one\'s level of mental agility, focus, and stimulate the mind\'s inner workings. There is proof that its helps rejuvenate people mentally and improve their level of concentration when they inhale its unique scent.

This essential oil has a sharp, powerful, menthol aroma that is invigorating and fresh. Those who are apathetic or in shock can benefit from it, and has shown to help people be able to think more clearly. When used as a scent for aromatherapy, it\'s use is designed to invigorate or stimulate a person, as opposed to relaxing or calming.

Some of the other purposes primarily focus on its property to reduce swelling, redness, and irritation related to particular skin disorders and irritants. It can also calm and alleviate skin that is irritated or itchy. Peppermint essential oil is effective when dealing with upper respiratory conditions or illnesses as it can clear a stuffy nose, ease congestion in the chest, and clear sinuses.

Headache/Migraine Relief

Relief from migraines and headaches can be gained from the aromatherapy element of peppermint essential oil, or it can be applied directly and massaged on the temples and head. This might be counter intuitive as one might think that a migraine or headache would actually get worse, since it invigorates senses and stimulates the mind, but that is not the case as it does provide pain relief. This essential oil can also ease vertigo when inhaled from the container directly.

A spastic color can also be eased by peppermint essential oil. In addition, the functioning of the digestive system can be enhanced and regulated with the help of this oil with gall bladder stimulation and managing bile production. Other uses include helping with dyspepsia, nausea, stomach cramps, babies colic, and numerous other conditions that are associated with the digestive system.

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