Network Marketing and Retirement Go Together

Network Marketing and Retirement Go Together

Network Marketing and Retirement Go Together
By James D Ball

Let me first start off with a brief background about myself. I worked for a major aerospace company for over 20 years. I had medical benefits, life insurance, savings plans, lots of paid holidays, and over a month in vacation time. I had the option of retiring at age fifty-five, which I did.

I had the dream of finally living out my retired life without working. I could sleep in each morning, do what I wanted all day, and travel. Did I say travel? All of a sudden I came to a rude awakening with my dream. My retirement plan was a dream. If I wasn't very careful how I spent my pension and savings, I would become broke in short order.

I had not planned out my retirement very well. I needed more income to enjoy my retirement dream. I had a couple of options; I could go back to work or start my own business. At first I chose the easy route and went back to work as a casino guard in Las Vegas. The pay and benefits were good and it was somewhat exciting at first. Combining my pension, savings, and extra pay from working I was financially secure.

All of a sudden one day I realized that my retirement dream had ended. I was working 40-60 hours per week again, working shifts, and always working weekends. I would only get two weeks of vacation after working full-time for one year.

I ended up quitting and returning to a penny-pinching retired life. My next vision was to start my own business. I was somewhat successful in a few previous ventures during my lifetime. Starting my own business would require substantial capital investment. I would need to rent store space, purchase shelving and displays, office supplies, copy machines, computers, and of course insurance.

I had learned from previous business ventures that NO net income would be available for two to three years, assuming the business was successful. The idea of starting my own business would also require many hours of full-time work. I decided that this option was really not viable at my age and my desire to enjoy my retirement years.

Since I had always been a computer guru I decided that I would try making money on-line. Maybe doing pay-per-click ads or affiliate marketing. While studying everything I could get my hands on about Internet marketing, I stumbled across a network marketing video ad on the Internet. Talk about attraction marketing, I was sold after watching the presentation. I joined up after a few days of thinking about it.

With network marketing I paid an up front cost of around $500. The expense consisted of marketing supplies, training material, and a host of samples. In order to maintain a certain commission "level" I agree to a monthly auto shipment of the product. I can use the product myself or use it for samples, so it doesn't go to waste. Generally speaking the monthly auto shipment runs around $140 including shipping and tax. There is also a monthly charge for the company self duplicating website and accounting system for around $20 per month.

In a nutshell I got started in a network marketing business for a fraction of the cost of a store front or a franchise business. In network marketing I am my own boss so my hours are flexible. I can work as hard or as little as I want.

The great thing about network marketing is that as long as my down-line remains intact, I will collect residual income for life. The residual income can even be passed down to my heirs in most cases. For me, network marketing and retirement has become the perfect match.

James D Ball is an Internet marketing coach. You can find out more about James D. Ball and Internet marketing by visiting his website at

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"The richest people in the world build networks, everybody else looks for work" ~Robert Kiyosaki

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