Make Early Retirement Your Reality

Make Early Retirement Your Reality

Make Early Retirement Your Reality
By Tim Tippett

Do you dream of early retirement? Does the idea of finally escaping from the anxiety and frustration of the workplace cause you to salivate? How about being able to sleep until you wake up naturally? The joy of freely coming and going as we please, is a great luxury and one that is highly prized by most people.

Early Retirement For Health

As we grow older, physical considerations make retiring early a desirable position. Some may be forced to retire early for health reasons. Even for people who have perfect health, normally the physical demands of working become less enjoyable as we age.

You don't have to be a senior citizen to dream of relaxing within a leisurely, abundant lifestyle. What young person has not dreamed of fine cars and plenty of free time to enjoy them?

Whatever the reason for desiring to retire prematurely, one thing is an absolute pre-requisite. What is that one thing you ask, well of course it is MONEY.

Proper planning can provide an adequate income for that golden period.

Three essential elements of making this dream a reality are:

� Income Earned
� Time
� Investment Knowledge

Early Retirement Income

We have been blessed with the potential to earn enough to be able to spend part of our life without working or working as we choose. Obviously, this possibility is very much based on the amount of income we earn during our productive work years.

Time is a great ally of the younger person who wishes to one day be free to enjoy the fruit of his labors. Thirty years gives a younger person plenty of time to accumulate a sizeable wealth portfolio with the added benefit of compounding investments. BUT, it is never too late to make corrections in our planning. There is always time to make progress, make improvements in our plan and move toward our goal of financial freedom.

Early Retirement Strategy

So, we have worked hard and used time to our advantage. We have a little wealth, maybe a lot of wealth, but now what do we do? How many famous people have we heard of who made millions of dollars a year and are now broke? Time and Income Earned are wasted if we do not hang on to a sufficient portion of our earnings for retiring. This is why the third essential element of any good retiree program consist of investment knowledge.

We all know how to work. We all know how time moves. Our biggest downfall is knowledge of what to do with money once we have earned it.

Learning the little known secrets of the truly wealthy will empower us. Following the herd will only take you where the herd goes. You want to do better than the average investor. The wealthy know how to minimize taxes and you can learn this too. The wealthy know how to profit in any economy (good or bad), and you can learn this also. The wealthy know how to retire tax free with guaranteed income for life, and so can you. Learn these time proven strategies of the rich and early retirement can be yours.

Have a great early retirement!

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"The richest people in the world build networks, everybody else looks for work" ~Robert Kiyosaki

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