Liver Cleanse With Essential Oils

Author: John Trodey

The liver is the largest organ in the body and has over 700 known functions. Its most important role is the regulation of the body\'s metabolism which is partly accomplished by toxin collection and removal. The liver can become overworked by exposure to an excessive amount of toxins.  Some examples of toxins are pharmaceutical drugs, chemicals in the air and water, environmental toxins, and over-processed foods containing many unnatural chemicals. An overloaded liver becomes congested and sluggish, and rather than removing toxins from the body, they now become trapped in the liver and eventually spill over into the bloodstream causing other organs to malfunction and eventually liver failure. A person cannot live without a functioning liver and the level at which the liver is operating is an indication of the quality of life of the individual.  Therefore it is important to keep the liver operating at as high a level as possible.

An effective way to keep the liver operating at optimum capacity is to combine a daily liver cleanse with a healthy diet. A liver cleanse will clean and detoxify the liver and increase its capacity to remove toxins. A simple and effective liver cleanse is to take 1 drop each of certified therapeutic grade (CPTG) essential oils of lemon and peppermint in 1 tablespoon of freshly squeezed lemon juice. This cleanse should be taken daily first thing in the morning followed by a 30 minute wait before eating for maximum effectiveness.  This is followed throughout the day by drinking water spiked with CPTG lemon essential oil (3-4drops/qt).  The lemon water should be in a glass or SS container instead of plastic because citrus oils dissolve petroleum products and stick to the sides of plastic containers. The liver cleanse binds the toxins in the liver for removal and the lemon water flushes them from the body. As the liver is cleansed, energy, lifespan, and the ability to fight infections increases, excess fat is burned, and overall body metabolism, digestion, and health improve.

While doing a liver cleanse your body may feel very tired.  This is a sign that the cleanse is working.  Generally, the more sluggish the liver, the more tired you will feel.  If your energy level drops too low, cut the cleanse back to every other or every 3 days until you can function as needed during the day. As your liver becomes cleaner, your energy level will gradually increase, eventually leveling out at a higher point than which you began the cleanse. As your energy level increases, if you are not doing the cleanse daily, decrease the days between cleanses until you are doing the cleanse daily.

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