Leverage Income Streams

Author: Warren Waite

The rich pass down wealth from generation to generation by using leverage income streams of investments, the smart ones at least.  Compound interest, real estate, established manufacturing and production businesses and so on.  If you were born with one of these silver spoons in your mouth, congratulations, if you were not, you may want to read on.

You may or may not have heard of the practicality of if you doubled a penny each day for a month that by the end of the month the dollar amount would accumulate to over $1,000,000.00.  If you are unfamiliar to this leverage example, the figure is not a typo.  One penny on the first day of the month, two pennies on the second day, four pennies on the third day and so on will equal over one million dollars by month end.  It is ironic that something so simple is also so ingenious.  The banks have been leveraging our deposits for years.  We know that it works.

If you work for a company the business owner leverages your time.  The business earns more from your hours than the wages set aside to pay you.  If it does not the business will fail or cut back staff from duties that are not generating a profit return.

The good news about generating income streams is that you can do it without having or making allot of money to start.  If you are very young you can set aside a small portion of your income weekly, bi-weekly or monthly, depending upon your pay periods and invest that money into the stock market (scary during recessionary times, but long term the market usually profits more than standard savings), wait until you reach a ripe old age and retire wealthy.

Every economic structure of wealth in a capitalist society has and does utilize leverage.  If you do not have large quantities of money to invest, or you have enough to leverage your way into a comfortable retirement, but want to enjoy that financial lifestyle in earlier years, learn to leverage your time and to help others leverage theirs.  The original name of the business model developed to do exactly that is Multi Level Marketing.  Today it is more commonly known as Network Marketing.

As ironic as the double a penny equation is so simple in concept, so is the irony of the stigma attached to Network Marketing.  This is why 97of the people who venture into this culture of business will fail to leverage the creation of wealth developing income streams.  Simply said, if you double a penny each month for 36 months you would be a multi millionaire at the end of the three years, but at the end of 8 months you will only have $1.28.  The difference in the 3of the people that go on to live comfortably from their own at home Network Marketing business is hindsight. If you leverage your time with a quality Network Marketing Business that is backed by a market demand product and you do not quit because you are disenchanted with minimum early results you can and likely will build leverage wealth.

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"The richest people in the world build networks, everybody else looks for work" ~Robert Kiyosaki

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