Use The Law Of Attraction For Business Success

Use The Law Of Attraction For Business Success

Use The Law Of Attraction For Business Success
By Marte Cliff

When "The Secret" came out it was promoted as a true secret - something that had been hidden from the masses by power-hungry, selfish people who didn't want anyone else to succeed.

Of course, that wasn't true. And it wasn't a secret. The great teachers have been giving us this message for a very long time. Different teachers used different words, but the message has always been the same: "You get what you think about most often and with the most emotion."

Unfortunately, the producers of "The Secret" gave many people the impression that it was some kind of voo-doo that would allow people to sit on the couch, visualize what they wanted, and it would appear. Of course that earned both the book and the movie a host of detractors.

It would have been more useful if they had just explained that the Law of Attraction always works, but part of the magic is that using it correctly causes people to take the necessary actions that lead to success.

The reason people think it doesn't work is that they use it backwards.

They think they're using it correctly, but in fact are focusing their thoughts and emotions on what they don't want rather than what they do want.

If you're a small business person who is thinking about not having customers and wishing you had them, you're thinking about not having customers.� So you get more "not have" instead of more customers.

If you're a real estate agent who is wishing for a good offer on a home, but thinking about wasting your time and gasoline taking buyers all over town, and not getting an offer, guess what? You're thinking about wasting time, spending money, and not getting an offer. As a result, every action you take and every word you speak will lead you to not getting that offer.

Instead of falling into that negative trap, put your thoughts on the outcome you want: The new customer, the successful closing, the money in your bank account. Then spend a little time thinking about how you'll feel when that happens.

The magic of the Secret and the Law of Attraction happens because like attracts like. If you're thinking positively and thinking about success, the things you do and the words you speak will attract other people who think positively. You'll be drawn toward people and activities that can further that success. And you'll be ready to jump into opportunities that you wouldn't even see if your thoughts were focused on failure.

But look out. If you're thinking about failure, you'll draw in more people who think about failure. And the only good that will do is to give you someone cry with.

Tell your story the way you want it to be. Ignore what is, if it isn't what you want, and talk to yourself about success. Take every small step forward and treat it like a major accomplishment. Congratulate yourself, tell your friends about it, and celebrate it.

When you're focused on that success, you'll carry out more actions that will allow it to happen again and again.

The Law of Attraction is one of the most powerful forces on earth. So respect it, and use it to your benefit.

Marte Cliff is a Freelance Copywriter who specializes in making people feel good about buying your products or services.

Her new e-book, "How to Market a Local Business," offers a plan of action for jumpstarting a local business with a total investment of $136 or less. Read about it at

She has extensive experience in writing search engine optimized web copy, e-mail campaigns, direct sales letters, postcards, newsletters, press releases, and more. She is also available for marketing plan creation and editing services.

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