How Essential Oils are Produced


Aromatherapy is an improvement of mental and physical health with the help of the essential oils derived from aromatic plants. The contents of Essential Oils are known as hormones, antibiotics, thermions (unseen scents) and recycling cells (essential to the existence of a live plant) Due to these properties the immunity of plants to various diseases is heightened. Bacteria and viruses are eliminated and neutralized. By deriving valuable essential oils from plants, we can use the same curative properties to improve the conditions of our bodies. There are two ways in which essential oils work; psychologically - by way of the body\'s sense of smell on the central nervous system by vaporizers or smelling of the oils; and physically - through the skin by mixing the oils for massage, foot baths or steam inhalation. Aromatherapy is the unique way of connecting our health with the riches of the world surrounding us. The pleasure in itself is therapy, but aromatherapy goes further, by transforming therapy into pleasure. Use caution when using essential oils. Concentrated essential oils are too strong to be applied directly on the skin. Carrier oils are used when thinning essential oils for massage. Try not to use essential oils on sensitive areas such as the eyes. Essential oils can be useful for certain disease applications but may not be suitable for others. Please do research to familiarize yourself with essential oils before use. Essential oils should be stored in a cool dark place in an airtight container.

Comments on Essential Oils

Essential oils are categorized by their lightness and are divided into oils of the top, average and base. Essential oils of the top evaporate rapidly due to their lightness and care should be taken when storing them. Base oils evaporate the least rapidly. Oils mixes that are the most stable and balanced are those that consist of oils from all three categories top, average and base. In this article we will explain how to make your own essential oils for massage or other applications.

Natural vs Synthetic Aromatherapy Oils

Natural essential oils contain a high content of vegetative extracts produced by extraction or evaporation from berries, seeds, roots, flowers, bark or citrus peels. The cost of essential oils directly depends on amount of the raw material necessary for the manufacturing of oil. It\'s different for each plant. For example, rose oil manufacturers may make one drop of oil from thirty rose petals, this explains the high price. Synthetic aromas or flavored oils are created by artificial ways in laboratories. In technical language, flavored oils are actually not oils and are more likely artificial chemical compounds. The exotic names of these products are deceiving as they are not even made from those flowers or fruit. For example, there is no such thing as the true peach or strawberry oil. Despite the pleasant smell, flavored oils do not possess any curative properties and do not contain undiluted active ingredients of natural plants. They cannot be used for medicinal reasons and some can be dangerous when applied to the skin. As a precaution it is suggested that you not use these substances for aromatherapy applications as there is no information on their safety.

Ways of Making Aromatherapy Oils

Steam Distillation is the most widespread way of deriving essential oils. One method of direct distillation is where the steam distillatory is loaded with raw vegetative material. Steam is then forced into the distillatory and elements of the raw vegetative material mix with the steam. The steam and vegetative matter mix condenses into a liquid on top of which floats the essential oils. The essential oil are then separated from the water. Citric oils are usually made by the Cold Pressing method. This is very soft pressing in which oils are squeezed out of the crushed peel. Carrier oils are produced in the same way by pressing seeds. Using special solvents to extract the aromatic oils from vegetative matter is called Solvent extraction. The resulting absolute oils are extremely pure. It is a fine procedure in which the aromatic substance is extracted from a vegetative material by means of non-polar solvents. Solvents are separated leaving a wax-like deposit which is mixed with spirits and is very cautiously heated up. It is followed with a process of a filtration as a result of which the wax is removed. The pure oils remain once the alcohol is removed. Absolute oils have special certificates of quality.

Essential Oils vs Absolute Oils

Essential oils contain highly concentrated and scented vegetable extracts. Steam distillation is the normal method by which essential oils are derived from vegetative matter. Oils from a peel of citrus are derived using a pressing method. Absolute oils which are normally more concentrated than essential oils are obtained by the solvent extraction method.

Infused Aromatherapy Essential Oils

Plant flowers are submerged in olive or Soy oils for a reasonable period of time This allows the oils to receive the essence of the flower and use it for the manufacture of infused oils. For producing carrot oil the extract of the root crop is soaked in Soy oil for the most effective utilization of its aromatic properties.

Base Oils

Carrier or base oils are vegetable based and are very high in quality and nutrition. When combined with essential oils they allow the pure oils to be used for massage and body and skin care. Usually they are derived by cold pressing from nuts, seeds, grains and barks.

Pure Aromatherapy Essential Oils-3Mix

In their pure form some essential oils are too concentrated to use so manufacturers dilute them so that they can be used. Generally, essential oil manufacturers make the essential oils useable by combining them with carrier oils in a 3mix.

Massage Oil Blends

Essential oils used for massage come ready to use as they are blended with carrier oils. Carrier oils are obtained by the processing of nuts, apricots, grains or seeds of fruits. The carrier oils are combined with oils from new wheat to increase the stability and shelf life of the essential oils.

Herbal Creams

Well researched formulas of creams consist of essential oils and natural extracts from select vegetation. High grade lanolin is used as a basis for many formulas

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