DoTerra Oil - The Facts About The Product And Uses

DoTerra Oil - The Facts About The Product And Uses

DoTerra Oil - The Facts About The Product And Uses
By Daniel Best

DoTerra oil was first introduced in 2008 by a group of business and health care professionals. The group each had some deep personal life-enhancing experiences from essential oils so they came together with their common interest. They wanted to source, test and manufacture the highest pure and quality product with more potency than any other on the market.

So on April 25th, 2008 DoTerra oil launched its first products to the marketplace. The products consisted of 25 single oils and 10 oil blends which became recognized immediately for their superior quality.

DoTerra oil is 100% pure, CPTG (Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade.) They do not contain artificial ingredients or filers making them the highest possible potency, as well as free from pesticides or any chemical residues. They are continually tested, carefully harvested and timely extracted, always through very experienced distillers to help maintain the potency and consistency.

They maintain the highest standards for all DoTerra oil products, and they partner with only top manufacturing and development companies to remain certified and keep their quality reputation.

DoTerra oil products come from the compounds in flowers and plants, seeds, bark, stems and roots. They do not include fatty lipids or acids like you would find in vegetable or animal oils, instead they are clean and extremely absorbent through the skin.

The oil can be administered topically, or taken as a dietary supplement. The aromatic use can stimulate hormones and other metabolic processes, or can just have a calming and soothing effect.

Topically, the DoTerra oil absorbs into the skin through massage, and can work to disinfect naturally as it enters the blood stream, as well as provide a calming effect.

The oil is used internally for its powerful antioxidant properties or support for a healthy inflammatory response in cells. Caution should be taken with the internal use of DoTerra oil as not all their products support internal functions. Careful attention to product labels will result in the best benefits for the desired symptom.

I found that the product testimonials of DoTerra oil were all positive and I was amazed with the different variations of health concerns that the oils could relieve. I was also surprised with the different ways in which people were using the products, such as brushing a drop on the forehead to hand washing and cleansing cloths. I never would have thought about it before but as I researched about the company and the different products, my interest grew and I could see myself or defiantly my wife buying some of them in the future.

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