Useful Tips for Buying Pure Essential Oils

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Essential oils are quite useful in aromatherapy. In addition to its usage for aromatherapy, they are also beneficial in several health related problems. Essential oils are extracted from various parts of plants, such as fruits, stems, roots, leaves, flowers, seeds, twigs and nuts. For extraction of pure essential oils, several methods of extraction are employed, depending upon the kind of essential oil.

Depending upon their methods of extraction, quantity of oil extracted from the given amount of plant part, and availability of the plant, prices of pure essential oils may vary. At the same time, there are cheaper essential oils available in the market that are not naturally extracted and may contain impurities. This is why it is crucial to be careful while buying essential oils. Here are few tips you should consider while buying and choosing pure essential oils.

There are several identical fragrant oils available in the market that might appear similar to the pure essential oil. However, you should carefully read the product labels to avoid products that are labeled as ‘perfume oil\', ‘fragrance oil, ‘made from essential oils\', or ‘made from natural components\', etc.

Usually the pure essential oils are more expensive than their impure or fake counterparts. Their prices are directly proportional to the availability of the plant used in extraction, import duties, taxes, difficulty of extraction, and cost of extraction equipments. So, an unexpectedly cheap essential oil might not be a pure essential oil.

Check for the expiry dates of the essential oils. Most of the pure essential oils have a specific shelf life. After the shelf life, the oil may undergo some changes in its color, density, smell, and medicinal properties. This is why you should make sure that you are buying a freshly extracted essential oil that has a long shelf life.

Pure essential oils should be bought only from reputed retailers and/or manufacturers. Given that the reputed dealers of essential oils are more concerned about the quality of their product, it\'s advisable to buy the oil from them even if their pure essential oils are slightly more expensive than a retailer with no credentials.

There are several kinds of essential oils, each one suitable for a different purpose. For example, some of the pure essential oils can cause sunburns if the skin is exposed to sun after applying the essential oil. You should make sure that you have learned about the ways of using and applying the pure essential oil before you buy them.

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