The Many Benefits Of Cinnamon Oil

Author: Steve Jones

Cinnamon oil has a very long and colorful history. It has always been seen as a very expensive essential oil, and in ancient times was used as a food spice for kings as well as being used in religious rituals as an anointing oil. During those days, it was only the very rich that could afford to use the oil. In order to monopolize the trade and keep the price high, traders kept their source of cinnamon oil very secret.

But later cinnamon oil became available more widely and even common people were able to buy it. Studies were eventually conducted on its chemical contents. The substances that were found proved to be very useful indeed, both as a food spice and also in treating many diseases.

Modern research has managed to pinpoint the substances that are responsible for the tremendous health benefits of the oil. This essential oil contains methyl chavicol, beta-caryophyllene, linalool, cinnamaldehyde and eugenol. These are what make cinnamon oils such a potent agent for fighting harmful pathogens that can cause disease.

When this substance is used for medicinal purposes, it will provide us many benefits. Here are some of the benefits of cinnamon oil we stand to gain:
• We can get rid of our skin diseases caused by different kinds of fungi. The cinnamaldehyde content of cinnamon oil is a very effective anti-fungal substance. It can stop the growth of candidiasis.
• We can get rid of the harmful bacteria inside our body by mixing this essential oil with the food we eat.
• We can use this oil as a food preservative to extend the freshness of our food.
• We can control the spread of mosquitoes where we live by mixing this oil with water and sprinkling it in stagnant bodies of water.
• The aroma of cinnamon oil is good for relieving stress. We can use it to improve the quality of our sleep and also to enhance our brain functions.

Although cinnamon oil is a natural food, people who have certain medical conditions should be very careful in taking it. There are a number of side effects of cinnamon oil that will result especially if it is taken in excessive doses. Therefore, if you are in this category, consult your health provider before taking it even in small amounts.

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