Basil Essential Oil - The Wonder Oil Of Aromatherapy

Basil Essential Oil - The Wonder Oil Of Aromatherapy

Basil Essential Oil - The Wonder Oil Of Aromatherapy
By Barbara Lynn Rose

Basil essential oil and the plant/herb are very popular throughout the world. Here we are going to take a look at this wonder of nature and discover some of its little known uses. After you finish this article you should have a pretty good understanding of this wonderful herb.

Basil in and of itself is mainly thought of as an herb used in cooking. It is also used in various rituals in different cultures around the world. It can even be used as a cleaning product if you are into making your own cleaning formulas.

Basil essential oil is kind of watery, and is pale yellow in color. It has a warm peppery like scent. It comes from many different places such as Egypt, France, and Spain to name a few. When processed, mainly the stems, and leaves are used. The most effective way to process basil is via steam distilling.

As a oil it has many uses. Some of the more popular uses of this oil as a remedy include fatigue, stress, headaches, and it can really help with concentration issues. This fantastic oil can also act as a stimulant, which makes a lot of sense when you consider the peppery like property it has.

It is also used as a marvelous digestive like tonic. If you have an infection of some type, basil has strong anti infection, and anti biotic properties.

Basil blends well with most essential oils such as pepper, cedar chamomile, coriander, fennel, and ginger to name a few.

Now that you know some of the properties and uses of basil, you also need to know that it should not be used by certain people, and conditions. Basil should not be used if you are pregnant, or breast feeding. It should not be used if you have sensitive skin. If you are not sure you have sensitive skin test it out on a small patch of skin to see if you have any adverse effects.

Should you ever have any reactions to an aromatherapy essential oil, you should stop using it right away. It's always best to consult with a health professional should you have any questions.

This oil should not be used by children under 16 years of age. Kids under 16 years old tend to have more sensitive skin than adults. As we age we have the ability to develop a tolerance to certain things, and basil essential oil is one of them. will provide you with many interesting facts on the wonders of aromatherapy.
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